Global Partnerships for Responsible Business Conduct : Previous events


This page provides access to all the meetings relating to the Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in Latin America and the Caribbean and Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programmes



3 April Technical Sector Roundtable Meeting for businesses in seafood sector, Viet Nam
5 March Responsible Business Conduct in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Philippines Agenda 
4 March A CEO’s Integrity Agenda: Risk Management and Business Integrity, Philippines Agenda
1 March High-level Meeting on Responsible Agriculture Supply Chains, Philippines Agenda 
28 Feb Stakeholder Engagement event on Decent Work for Sustainable enterprises in global supply chains, Thailand Agenda 
25 Feb OECD - JEITA Seminar, Implementing Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct, Tokyo, Japan Agenda: ENGJAP
28 Feb Roundtable Discussion on Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains, Philippines Flyer


13 Dec Technical Seminar to Raise Awareness on Key RBC Concepts, Guangzhou, China. Agenda: CH, ENG, Summary: ENG, CH, Media articles : CSR China l GoldenBee
23 Nov 

3rd Japan-Europe CSR Business Dialogue Meeting under the Framework of Japan-EU Industrial Policy Dialogue Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility, Brussels

18 Oct EU-Philippines Business Summit, Manila
15 Oct  Symposium co-hosted by Keidanren/ILO/OECD “Responsible Business of Japanese Companies and their Supply Chains in Asia”, Tokyo
5 July

Launch of a seminar series on Responsible Business Conduct, Yangon Myanmar

4 - 6 June

ASEAN Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights Inter-regional dialogue on business and human rights, Bangkok, Thailand






Technical Sector Roundtable Meeting for businesses in seafood sector 


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