Global Partnerships for Responsible Business Conduct : Previous events


This page provides access to all the meetings relating to the Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in Latin America and the Caribbean and Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programmes



12-13 June Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum, Bangkok Agenda
3 April Technical Sector Roundtable Meeting for businesses in seafood sector, Viet Nam
5 March Responsible Business Conduct in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Philippines Agenda 
4 March A CEO’s Integrity Agenda: Risk Management and Business Integrity, Philippines Agenda
1 March High-level Meeting on Responsible Agriculture Supply Chains, Philippines Agenda 
28 Feb Stakeholder Engagement event on Decent Work for Sustainable enterprises in global supply chains, Thailand Agenda 
25 Feb OECD - JEITA Seminar, Implementing Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct, Tokyo, Japan Agenda: ENGJAP
28 Feb Roundtable Discussion on Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains, Philippines Flyer Agenda


13 Dec Technical Seminar to Raise Awareness on Key RBC Concepts, Guangzhou, China. Agenda: CH, ENG, Summary: ENG, CH, Media articles : CSR China l GoldenBee
23 Nov 

3rd Japan-Europe CSR Business Dialogue Meeting under the Framework of Japan-EU Industrial Policy Dialogue Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility, Brussels

18 Oct EU-Philippines Business Summit, Manila
15 Oct  Symposium co-hosted by Keidanren/ILO/OECD “Responsible Business of Japanese Companies and their Supply Chains in Asia”, Tokyo
5 July

Launch of a seminar series on Responsible Business Conduct, Yangon Myanmar

4 - 6 June

ASEAN Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights Inter-regional dialogue on business and human rights, Bangkok, Thailand






Technical Sector Roundtable Meeting for businesses in seafood sector 


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