Action Plan to Strengthen National Contact Points


‌In response to a call from ministers and stakeholders to strengthen the National Contact Point system, the Investment Committee and its Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct approved an Action Plan to strengthen National Contact Points in early 2016. The Action Plan sets out concrete ways to assist countries in setting up strong and well-functioning NCPs. The Action Plan presents three different tracks of activities to be implemented in parallel over the period 2016-2018.



Peer reviews and capacity building

A peer review can identify an NCP's strengths as well as areas for improvement. These reviews highlight the achievements of individual NCPs as well as areas for improvement and recommendations to ensure the efficient functioning of an NCP. For NCPs with little or no experience in handling specific instances, the Action Plan proposes a capacity building exercise.  Capacity building activities are intended to assist NCPs in meeting the core criteria and improving their internal processes before being reviewed.

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Building coherence

Peer learning sessions serve as catalysers for sharing experience between NCPs and an opportunity for NCPs to learn from experts. Peer learning sessions can take place at the OECD-hosted NCP meetings as well as at regional events organised locally by NCPs. Learning from peers may also take place through mentoring/matching programmes which enable more experienced NCPs to share their experiences with other NCPs.


Building and improving tools

To help NCPs perform their functions, such as promoting the Guidelines, the OECD has developed several tools. For instance, the OECD database of specific instances provides a record of all cases that have been reported by NCPs to date. This database helps NCPs to handle specific instances by allowing them to refer to similar cases handled by other NCPs. Other tools to support NCPs are in development.


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