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Access to Medicine Index

The access to medicine problem is multifaceted, and responsibility for tackling it lies with many different actors - governments, NGOs, academia, pharmaceutical companies, finance institutions and multilateral organisations such as the WHO. As manufacturers and developers of life-saving products, pharmaceutical companies clearly have a crucial role to play. The Access to Medicine Index independently ranks pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to improve access to medicine in developing countries. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK and Dutch governments, the Index has been published every two years since 2008.

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Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre tracks the human rights impacts (positive & negative) of over 6,000 companies in over 180 countries. We seek responses from companies when concerns are raised by civil society. This process often leads to real improvements on the ground. We also provide guidance materials to assist NGOs, companies, governments and others. Mary Robinson chairs our 70-member International Advisory Network. Our 23 Academic Partners include leading academic institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.



Institute for Human Rights and Business

The Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) is a global centre of excellence and expertise (think & do tank) on the relationship between business and internationally recognised human rights standards. IHRB works to shape policy, advance practice and strengthen accountability to ensure the activities of companies do not contribute to human rights abuses, and in fact lead to positive outcomes.

IHRB prioritizes its work through time-bound programmes that can have the greatest impact, leverage and catalytic effect focusing on countries in economic and political transition, as well as business sectors that underpin others in relation to the flows of information, finance, workers and/or commodities.




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