Responsible business conduct in the financial sector


Responsible Financing in BRICS DFIs

23/07/2020 - This online workshop focused on international standards and practices for responsible financing.


Due Diligence for Responsible Corporate Lending and Securities Underwriting

29/10/2019 - Broadly recognised environmental and social standards have previously not existed for corporate lending and underwriting transactions, although they represent the vast majority of banking finance activity. 

This report provides a common global framework for financial institutions to identify, respond to and publically communicate on environmental and social risks associated with their clients. The report helps banks and other financial institutions implement the due diligence recommendations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in the context of their corporate lending and underwriting activities. 


European Parliament approves landmark legislation on due diligence for financial institutions

18/04/2019 - The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved an EU Regulation for Sustainability-related Disclosures in the Financial Services Sector.  The Regulation is the second legislative agreement reached under the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan.  In calling on financial institutions to disclose sustainability risks and impacts, the Regulation represents a milestone in efforts to encourage financial institutions to take into account impacts to society and the environment. 

The Regulation introduces transparency rules for financial institutions on the integration of sustainability risks and impacts in their processes and financial products, including reporting on adherence to internationally recognised standards for due diligence. It also notes that when reporting on due diligence, practitioners “should consider the due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct developed by the OECD.”

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Responsible Business Conduct for Institutional Investors

28/03/2017 - Promoting responsible business conduct in the financial sector is vital to building a sustainable global economy. However, the inherent complexities in the sector such as extensive and complex business relationships or the rapidity of transactions make practical application of effective due diligence systems challenging.

This paper explains the application of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in the context of institutional investors. The report highlights key considerations for institutional investors in carrying out due diligence that will help to identify and respond to environmental and social risks.



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16/02/2022 - Request for Proposals: ESG metrics and ratings - Mapping and gap analysis study

23/07/2020 - Workshop on Responsible Financing in BRICS DFIs: International Standards and Practices





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