Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in LAC: Country Outreach


RBC LAC Country Fact Sheets

The Responsible Business Conduct Country Fact sheets provide an overview of facts and figures relevant for RBC efforts in the nine countries targeted by the RBC LAC project. Besides a general overview of the national economy, these fact sheets provide data on trade and investment, introduce key information points on RBC and provide an insight into certain sectors of major economic and development importance in each country, such as agriculture, mining/extractives, garment and footwear, and finance.


The fact sheets precede the launch of the RBC policy reviews in the nine countries, which will analyse and provide practical recommendations on government policies and policy coherence on RBC.



Peru - Country Fact Sheet

 RBC - LAC - Country Fact Sheet - PERU

Colombia - Country Fact Sheet

236 x 335

Mexico - Country Fact Sheet

 RBC Country Fact Sheet Mexico

Chile - Country Fact Sheet

Country Fact Sheet - Chile 


Brazil - Country Fact Sheet

RBC-LAC Country Fact Sheet: Brazil

Costa Rica - Country Fact Sheet

Argentina - Country Fact Sheet

Ecuador - Country Fact Sheet


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