Financial sector in Argentina
Lead NCPArgentina
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the trade union AsociaciĆ³n Bancaria Argentina, regarding the activities of an Argentine subsidiary of the multinational enterprise Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) S.A in Argentinia.
Theme(s)Employment and industrial relations, General policies
Date1 Dec 2004
Host country(ies)Argentina
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorFinancial and insurance activities

In December 2004, the Argentinian NCP received a request for review from the trade union Argentine Banking Association (Asociación Bancaria Argentina) alleging that the Argentine subsidiary of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) S.A. had breached the general policies and employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines.

This specific instance has not been followed up as, subsequent to the request for review, 100% of BNL stock was acquired by another multinational bank (HSBC). Since 2004 neither the trade union or the bank has shown any interest in continuing with the specific instance. The NCP concluded its involvement in May 2007.