Telecom Argentina S.A. and CEPETEL
Lead NCPArgentina
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionThe CEPETEL trade union submitted a specific instance concerning Telecom Argentina S.A., alleging that the company did not negotiate in good faith despite there being a collective bargaining in force.
Theme(s)Disclosure, Employment and industrial relations, General policies, Human rights
Date13 Dec 2011
Host country(ies)Argentina
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorInformation and communication
StatusNot accepted

Read the final statement published by the NCP - October 2018

On April 2012, the Argentinian NCP (ANCP) received a request for review from the trade union “Sindicato de los Trabajadores de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación” (CEPETEL) alleging that Telecom Argentina S.A. had breached the following chapters of the OECD Guidelines: Concepts and Principles, General Policies, Human Rights, Employment and Industrial Relations.

CEPETEL claimed that, although there was a collective bargaining agreement in force, the company refused to negotiate with them in good faith.

CEPETEL informed that there were ongoing parallel legal proceedings with regard to the same issues in the submission and negotiations with competent authorities of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

On May 2017, the ANCP communicated to the parties that considering the time that had elapsed since the submission and the possible evolution of the issues that motivated it, CEPETEL should make a new submission.

As the ANCP received no further information from CEPETEL  after attempts to follow up the ANCP put an end to the proceedings.

On October 2018, the NCP published its final statement concluding the case.