Mining in South Africa
Lead NCPAustralia
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by individuals and other interested parties regarding the activities of an Australian multinational enterprise operating in South Africa.
Theme(s)Disclosure, Employment and industrial relations, Environment, General policies, Human rights
Date1 Feb 2013
Host country(ies)South Africa
SourceIndividuals, Other interested parties
Industry sectorMining and quarrying
StatusNot accepted

Read the public statement issued by the Australian NCP concluding the initial assessment of the specific instance - 8 March 2013

In February 2013, the Australian NCP received a request for review from a individuals and other interested parties alleging that an Australian multinational enterprise had breached the disclosure, employment and industrial relations, environment, general policies, and human rights provisions of the Guidelines in South Africa.

After undertaking an initial assessment, the NCP concluded that it was not able to accept this matter as a specific instance. The reasons for this decision were:

  • the notifiers clearly stated that the local community was not interested in mediation;
  • the NCP was not able to verify the allegations against the multinational enterprise based on the information provided; and
  • an application for mineral exploration rights was concurrently being considered by the relevant local authorities, and the local community was able to participate in the associated consultation process.