Individuals & a multinational enterprise
Lead NCPAustralia
Supporting NCP(s)
DescriptionSpecific Instance submitted by two individuals concerning an alleged non-observance of the OECD Guidelines by an Australian based multinational enterprise
Theme(s)General policies, Human rights
Date28 Oct 2020
Host country(ies)Australia
SourceOther interested parties
Industry sectorElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
StatusIn progress

On 28 October 2020, a legal representative of two individuals submitted a specific instance alleging that an Australian-based multinational enterprise had not observed the General Policies (Chapter II) and Human Rights (Chapter IV) provisions of the OECD Guidelines. The submitters claim that the company destroyed or disturbed at least 20 Aboriginal heritage sites for which they have traditional custodial responsibilities during construction of energy infrastructure in South Australia. The submitters request that the company: (i) fund an independent heritage and human rights impact assessment of the energy infrastructure; (ii) contribute to a fund to help address the loss caused by the harm to the heritage sites; (iii) assist to long-term heritage site protection as well as (iv) provide full compensation for heritage site loss and all fees and costs incurred as a consequence of the Enterprises’ harmful impacts.

The specific instance is currently being reviewed by the Australian NCP’s Independent Examiner.