Pharmaceutical sector in Belgium
Lead NCPBelgium
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by an NGO regarding the activities of a multinational enterprise operating in Belgium.
Theme(s)Combating bribery, bribe solicitation and extortion, Competition, Consumer interests, Disclosure, General policies
Date24 Jan 2008
Host country(ies)Belgium
Industry sectorManufacturing
StatusNot accepted

In January 2008 the Belgian NCP received a request for review by an NGO alleging that a multinational pharmaceutical company had breached the general policies, disclosure, combating bribery, consumer interests and competition provisions of the Guidelines with its pricing of generic medication.

After conducting an initial assessment the NCP issued a public statement (in French) on 4 July 2008 concluding that no further examination was needed. The allegations concerned a practice common to the entire pharmaceutical sector and the applicable legislation wasn't precise enough to charge the company with misconduct.