Manufacturing in Brazil
Lead NCPBrazil
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the ABC Chemical Workers's trade union (State of São Paulo, Brazil) regarding the activities of the French multinational enterprise Mappel operating in Brazil.
Theme(s)Concepts and principles, Employment and industrial relations, General policies
Date16 Oct 2013
Host country(ies)Brazil
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorManufacturing

Read the final statement issued by the Brazilian NCP concluding the specific instance - 7 April 2015 | português

In October 2013, the Brazilian NCP received a request for review from the ABC Chemical Workers's trade union (State of São Paulo, Brazil) alleging that the French multinational enterprise Mappel had breached the concepts and principles, general policies, and employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in Brazil.

After an initial assessment, the specific instance was accepted by the NCP for further consideration and was analysed by their rapporteur. When the rapporteur requested a response to the allegations by the company, the company replied and requested that the specific instance be terminated as the issues raised had already been decided in court. The rapporteur verified this fact and, on 7 April 2015, concluded the specific instance based on the fact, according to the Brazilian NCP's procedures (NCP Resolution 01/2012), a court ruling takes precedence over any involvement of the NCP. The NCP duly concluded the specific instance and issued a final statement.