Gold mining in Mali
Lead NCPCanada
Supporting NCP(s)
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by a Union regarding the activities of a Canadian multinational enterprise operating in Mali.
Theme(s)Concepts and principles, General policies
Date19 May 2015
Host country(ies)Mali
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorMining and quarrying

Read the final statement by the Canadian NCP – 24 October 2017.

Le communiqué final du PCN canadien a été publié le 24 octobre 2017.

On 19 May 2015, the Canadian NCP received a request for review from a Labour Union alleging that a Canadian multinational enterprise, Endeavour Mining, had breached the Concepts and Principles, and General Policies chapters of the Guidelines in Mali. More specifically it is alleged that the company has improperly dismissed unionised employees; and did not have adequate health and safety systems in place to protect some employees from exposure to harmful metals.

The NCP’s initial assessment concluded that the case had merit and offered to facilitate dialogue between the parties. The offer was accepted by both parties. An NCP-facilitated dialogue took place between September 2016 and March 2017.

While the dialogue did not result in a mutually agreeable solution between both parties as such, the process generated concrete positive outcomes in the form of a series of actions and commitments by Endeavour Mining, on both labour and health issues. Some of these actions were implemented proactively during the dialogue.

The NCP made a series of recommendations to Endeavour and asked that Endeavour report in writing to the Canadian NCP by 1 July, 2018 on: 1) its efforts to implement the NCP recommendations; and 2) how it has addressed and followed up on all the specific commitments the company made during the NCP dialogue. The NCP intends to issue a follow-up statement to reflect the company’s actions and responses, as appropriate.