Labour relations in the Philippines and Thailand
Lead NCPSwitzerland
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by several trade unions regarding the activities of Triumph, a Swiss multinational enterprise, operating in the Philippines and Thailand.
Theme(s)Employment and industrial relations
Date2 Dec 2009
Host country(ies)Philippines, Thailand
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorManufacturing

Read the final statement issued by the Swiss NCP - 14 January 2011

In 2009 the Swiss NCP received a request for review from several trade unions alleging that Triumph, a Swiss multinational enterprise, had breached the employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in the Philippines and Thailand. Specifically it was alleged that Triumph had instigated large scale restructuring of several of its facilities in order to constrict labour union activities. Furthermore, the trade unions stated that they were neither informed in advance of the restructuring, nor involved in the process of reduction of workplaces. Finally, they asserted that financial compensation was not paid according to applicable law and the collective bargaining agreements (CBA).

The NCP undertook an initial assessment of the specific instance and found that it merited further consideration and offered its good offices to facilitate a dialogue between parties concerned with the aim of reaching a mutually acceptable outcome. 

The NCP entered into contact with the parties but noted that they had a different understanding on the objectives of the specific instance proceedings and it was therefore not possible to reach such an agreement. In view of this situation, the NCP had no possibility to further contribute to the solution of the conflict and concluded the specific instance, issuing a final statement in January 2011.