Workers rights issues in Peru
Lead NCPChile
Supporting NCP(s)Canada, Peru
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by several trade unions and an NGO regarding the activities of the Peruvian Banco de Trabajo operating in Peru.
Theme(s)Employment and industrial relations
Date1 Jul 2007
Host country(ies)Peru
SourceNGO, Trade Union
Industry sectorFinancial and insurance activities

In July 2007 the Chilean NCP received a request for review from the Confederation of Bank Unions of Chile, the General Workers' Confederation of Peru (CGTP), the Cenda Foundation, and the NGO Places alleging that the Peruvian Banco del Trabajo had breached the employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in Peru.

It was alleged that the bank was refusing to recognise two trade unions "Stutrabantra" and "Sudebantra", which had been established by the workers in March 2004 and April 2005 respectively. The bank also allegedly refused to engage in collective bargaining with the unions and had dismissed union leaders while transferring other union representatives to other locations.

The Labour Court in Peru had ruled in favour of the unions and ordered the bank to reinstate the dismissed workers, however the bank sought appeals against this ruling.

The Chilean NCP concluded that the specific instance merited further consideration, however by that time, the bank had been taken over by Scotiabank, headquartered in Canada. The Chilean NCP therefore transferred the specific instance. In the meantime Peru had also become an adherent to the OECD Declaration and could also offer its assistance.