Labour conditions in manufacturing sector in Indonesia
Lead NCPGermany
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the NGO Clean Clothes Company regarding the activities of Adidas-Salomon, a multinational enterprise operating in Indonesia.
Theme(s)Employment and industrial relations, General policies
Date5 Sep 2002
Host country(ies)Indonesia
Industry sectorManufacturing

Read the public statement issued by the German NCP concluding the specific instance - 24 May 2004

In September 2002 the German NCP received a request for review from the NGO Clean Clothes Campaign alleging that Adidas-Salomon had breached the general policies, and employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in Indonesia.

In response to the mediation offered by the German NCP, discussions were held in May 2003 and in February 2004 which lead to a constructive dialogue and enabling both sides to present their respective view of this case. Although the parties did not come to an agreement on all the facts, they agreed to conclude the specific instance with the resolve to continue dialogue and without further recommendations from the NCP.