Nordex SE and individuals
Lead NCPGermany
Supporting NCP(s)Turkey
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by individuals regarding the activities of Nordex SE, a German multinational enterprise operating in Turkey.
Date4 Aug 2014
Host country(ies)Turkey
Industry sectorElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Read the final statement issued by the German NCP, concluding the specific instance - 31 August 2016

On 4 August 2014 the German NCP received a submission from an individual from Turkey alleging that Nordex SE, a German multinational enterprise, had not observed the environment provisions of the Guidelines in Turkey. More specifically they alleged that Nordex SE had not properly performed an environmental risk assessment as well as public participation related to a specific project.

In harmony with the implementation procedures, and after consulting with the OECD Investment Committee, the Turkish NCP took the lead on this specific instance and, after an initial assessment, concluded that the specific instance did not merit further consideration.

Separate to this evaluation, the German NCP assessed the general due diligence issues raised by the individuals. In the initial assessment completed on 8 June 2015, the German NCP accepted part of the submission regarding Nordex SE’s due diligence as a supplier of wind turbines for further consideration.

Following this, the NCP prepared the mediation with both parties and conducted a mediation meeting on 11 February 2016. After additional bilateral talks with both parties, Nordex SE agreed to improve its due diligence process in the supply of wind turbines (Gate Process). The NCP issued a final statement concluding the specific instance.

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