Higher education institution in Denmark and student union concerning human rights due diligence
Lead NCPDenmark
Supporting NCP(s)
DescriptionSpecific instance submitted by a student union concerning a Danish higher educational institution.
Theme(s)Disclosure, General policies, Human rights
Date19 Sep 2017
Host country(ies)Denmark
SourceOther interested parties
Industry sectorEducation
StatusNot accepted

On 19 September 2017, the Danish NCP received a specific instance from a Danish student union alleging that a higher educational institution in Denmark did not observe the Guidelines with regards to its due diligence processes. The alleged non-observance included the non-disclosure of human rights policies, inability to provide documentation of human rights due diligence, identification and assessment of potential and actual adverse impacts and lack of grievance mechanisms.

NCP assessed the institution as having established policies and grievance mechanisms and concluded that  the institution’s guidelines concerning discriminating behaviour are in accordance with the OECD Guidelines.[BDD1] 

Based on the NCP’s conclusion that the institution has human rights policies, processes, and a grievance mechanism, the NCP decided not to accept[BDD2]  the specific instance.

The NCP encouraged the institution to continue to implement human rights policies and guidelines and ensure that these policies are communicated to its employees and students. The NCP also recommended that the role of the student ambassador is clearly communicated and known to the students. Lastly, the NCP recommends the respondent proceed systematically when screening for potential risks linked to the institution.