Subsidiary of a French bank and an individual in Cameroon
Lead NCPFrance
Supporting NCP(s)
DescriptionSpecific instance submitted by an individual concerning the alleged non-observance of the Guidelines by a subsidiary of a French bank in Cameroon
Theme(s)Human rights, Employment and industrial relations, Consumer interests, Combating bribery, bribe solicitation and extortion
Date23 Aug 2018
Host country(ies)Cameroon
Industry sectorFinancial and insurance activities
StatusNot accepted

Read the French NCP’s final statement regarding the specific instance – 12 March 2019

On 23 August 2018, a Cameroonian individual, claiming to be the president of a trade union, submitted a specific instance to the French NCP alleging that a subsidiary of a French bank did not observe the Guidelines concerning the following chapters: human rights, employment and labour relations, consumer interesting, and combatting bribery.

The submitter claimed that the bank suspended the individual’s access to the bank account of the trade union after the trade union elected a new president and bureau, but the submitter considers himself to be the legitimate president of the union.

The NCP conducted its initial assessment and concluded on 12 March 2019, in its final statement (in French), that the specific instance does not merit further consideration based on the following factors: the NCP is not the competent authority, the submitter did not detail alleged non-observance of the Guidelines, and consideration of the specific instance would not further the effectiveness of the Guidelines. Finally, the NCP considers that the individual has a personal interest in being recognised as the legitimate president of the union and in having the bank account restored.