Company closure in Italy
Lead NCPItaly
Supporting NCP(s)Austria, Germany
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by several trade unions regarding the activities of an Austrian subsidiary of a German multinational enterprise operating in Italy.
Theme(s)Competition, Employment and industrial relations
Date4 Jan 2007
Host country(ies)Italy
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorManufacturing

In January 2007 the Italian NCP received a request for review from several trade unions alleging that an Austrian subsidiary of a German multinational enterprise had breached the competition, and employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines in Italy by failing to give due notice to workers regarding the liquidation of their company.

The trade unions alleged that the liquidation decision had been taken with little room for notice to workers and immediately after the acquisition. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Economic Development, local institutions, the company, and trade unions put an end to the dispute. The Italian NCP therefore concluded the specific instance.