Financial sector in Italy
Lead NCPItaly
Supporting NCP(s)United States
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by a business regarding the activities of a multinational enterprise operating in Italy.
Theme(s)Consumer interests, General policies, Human rights
Date30 Oct 2011
Host country(ies)Italy
Industry sectorFinancial and insurance activities, Information and communication
StatusNot accepted

In October 2011 the Italian NCP received a request for review from a business alleging that an Italian multinational enterprise had breached the general policies, human rights and consumer interests provisions of the Guidelines.

The NCP, consulting with the US NCP which had also received the same request, undertook an initial assessment and concluded that the issues raised did not merit further examination. This was because the case had a long-standing history and had already been treated many times in civil and criminal courts. Additionally, the notifier, although referring to Chapter VIII of the Guidelines on consumer interests, couldn’t be considered a consumer, since at the time of the facts he was acting as an entrepreneur.