Violation of local lands laws and environmental pollution in Pakistan
Lead NCPNetherlands
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the NGO Shehri – Citizens for a Better Environment (Shehri CBE) regarding the activities of Makro-Habib Pakistan Limited, a subsidiary of SHV Holdings N.V., a Dutch-based multinational enterprise, operating in Pakistan.
Theme(s)Environment, General policies
Date9 Oct 2008
Host country(ies)Pakistan
Industry sectorManufacturing

Read the initial assessment and final statement issued by the Dutch NCP concluding the specific instance - February 2010


In October 2008, the Netherlands NCP received a request for review by the NGO Shehri – Citizens for a Better Environment, alleging that throught its subsidiary, Makro-Habib Pakistan Ltd, SHV Holdings N.V., a Dutch-based multinational enterprise, had breached the general policies, and environment provisions of the Guidelines in Pakistan with the construction of a new cash and carry store. Specifically, the NGO alleged that:

  1. local land law with its involvement in an illegal transfer of land; 
  2. human rights of the citizens living in the vicinity of the Makro store; and
  3. caused environmental degradation.

In December 2008 the NCP accepted the specific instance for further consideration. 

After conducting a review of the allegations, the NCP found that, since the allegations were made, SHV Holdings had fully withdrawn from the Pakistani market. The NCP concluded the specific instance because the investment nexus had ceased to exist. It issued a final statement in February 2010 containing its findings and remarks for the company to consider.