Nuon Energy N.V. and/or Nuon Wind Development B.V., and Stichting Hou Friesland Mooi
Lead NCPNetherlands
Supporting NCP(s)
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by Stichting Hou Friesland Mooi (HFM) concerning an alleged non-observance of the OECD Guidelines by Nuon Energy N.V. and/or Nuon Wind Development B.V. (Nuon).
Theme(s)Environment, General policies, Human rights
Date12 Dec 2017
Host country(ies)Netherlands
SourceMulti-stakeholder, Other interested parties
Industry sectorElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, Information and communication, Other service activities, Real estate activities

Read the Dutch NCP's initial assessment regarding the specific instance – 19 June 2018

Read the Dutch NCP's final statement (English Dutch) regarding the specific instance – 18 December 2018

On 12 December 2017, Stichting Hou Friesland Mooi (HFM) submitted a specific instance to the Dutch National Contact Point (NCP) concerning an alleged violation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by Nuon Energy N.V. and/or Nuon Wind Development B.V. (Nuon).

The Dutch NCP decided to offer its good offices as explained in the initial assessment to help the parties reach a solution through dialogue.

The NCP believed that a dialogue in the context of this notification could contribute to achieving the Guidelines’ objectives and enhance their effectiveness. The dialogue could clarify the responsibility of a company involved in the project in question - a project in which municipal and provincial authorities also play a major role. Subsequently, a dialogue phase took place between the notifying party and company. During the second meeting on 31 August 2018, the parties reached agreement on a number of points, and indicated that the NCP dialogue had been useful in clarifying the points presented in the notification. The parties agreed that in the new phase of the project, consultation with the local community would begin anew and the parties would aim to restore confidence.

On December 18 2018, the specific instance was concluded and a final statement was published. The NCP concluded that there was a lack of clarity regarding Nuon’s role in relation to the provincial authority when concerned with the engagement of the project’s stakeholders, and that Nuon is obliged to comply with the provisions of the OECD Guidelines on its own initiative. Additionally, the NCP recommended that Nuon should communicate more clearly and publically what its role is in relation to the provincial authority and local community.

Finally, the NCP recommends that the parties continue their dialogue, and the parties have agreed to inform the NCP in December 2019 regarding the implementation of the points of agreement and the NCP’s recommendations.