Activities of a financial institution in Papua New Guinea
Lead NCPNew Zealand
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by a political party regarding the activities of an Australian multinational enterprise operating in Papua New Guinea.
Theme(s)Environment, General policies
Date2 Oct 2007
Host country(ies)Papua New Guinea
SourceOther interested parties
Industry sectorAgriculture, forestry and fishing
StatusNot accepted

In October 2007, the NZ NCP received a request for review from a political party alleging that an Australian multinational enterprise had breached the general policies and environment provisions of the Guidelines in Papua New Guinea.

This request was linked to a previous specific instance that had been raised and dealt with by the Australian NCP in 2006 (read the summary of this specific instance).

The NZ NCP conducted an initial assessment and concluded that there was not a sufficient link to New Zealand in the request and that the specific instance did not merit further examination by the NZ NCP. It also alerted the Australian NCP of the outcome.