Sexual harassment claim in Poland
Lead NCPPoland
Supporting NCP(s)United States
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by a trade union regarding the activities of a multinational enterprise operating in Poland. Specific instance transferred from the US NCP to the Polish NCP.
Theme(s)Employment and industrial relations
Date4 May 2006
Host country(ies)Poland
SourceTrade Union
Industry sectorAccommodation and food service

In May 2006 the US NCP received a request for a review from a trade union alleging a multinational enterprise had breached the employment and industrial relations provisions of the Guidelines due to claims of sexual harassment. The US NCP transferred the specific instance to the Polish NCP as the claims occurred in Poland.

The Polish NCP met with the parties however parallel legal proceedings were already underway. The court reached the verdict that the managers were not guilty of sexual harassment but they had breached the regulations of the employment and industrial relations chapter of the Guidelines. After this verdict the specific instance was concluded.