Privatisation of industry in Zambia
Lead NCPUnited Kingdom
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the NGO Citizens for a Better Environment (CBE) regarding the activities of National Grid Transco operating in Zambia.
Theme(s)Combating bribery, bribe solicitation and extortion, Competition, Consumer interests, Disclosure, Employment and industrial relations, Environment, General policies, Taxation
Date1 Jul 2003
Host country(ies)Zambia
Industry sectorMining and quarrying

Read the final statement issued by the UK NCP concluding the specific instance - 5 July 2005

In July 2003, the UK NCP received a request for review from the NGO Citizens for a Better Environment (CBE) alleging that National Grid Transco breached multiple provisions of the Guidelines in relation to the privatisation of Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC). More specifically, CBE alleged that National Grid Transco solicited and obtained concessions in an improper manner, failed to declare that its partner, a Zambian local management team, had interests during negotiations and failed to take in due account the need to protect the environment, public health and safety. 

On the basis of the lack of information provided by CBE and the passage of time since a detailed response was provided by National Grid Transco (17 months), the NCP concluded that the complaint was closed for want of prosecution.