Environmentally harmful products in the UK
Lead NCPUnited Kingdom
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by an NGO regarding the activities of a multinational operating in the UK and Europe.
Date23 Dec 2011
Host country(ies)European Union, United Kingdom
Industry sectorWholesale and retail trade
StatusNot accepted

Read the initial assessment issued by the UK NCP concluding the specific instance - 14 May 2012

In December 2011, the UK NCP received a request for review by an Australian NGO alleging that a UK-based multinational enterprise had breached the environment provisions of the Guidelines in the UK and Europe by their sale of a product which is potentially harmful to the environment.

After undertaking an initial assessment, the UK NCP concluded that the request did not merit further consideration on the grounds that some aspects of the complaint have not been sufficiently substantiated, and further consideration of any aspects of the complaint would not contribute to the purposes and effectiveness of the Guidelines.