Health and safety on cruise ships
Lead NCPUnited Kingdom
Supporting NCP(s)None Selected
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by a lawyer working for an individual regarding the activities of a UK-registered cruise ship company.
Theme(s)General policies, Human rights
Date16 Jan 2012
Host country(ies)United Kingdom
Industry sectorArts, entertainment and recreation
StatusNot accepted

Read the initial assessment issued by the UK NCP concluding the specific instance - 30 August 2012

In January 2012, the UK NCP received a request for review from a lawyer on behalf of an individual alleging a UK-based company hadn't provided adequate medical treatment to the individual while she was employed on their cruise ships. She alleged that, due to the negligent medical treatment, she had contracted diabetes and other health related issues.

The UK NCP undertook an initial assessment and concluded that the request did not merit further consideration on the grounds that the allegations were not supported by sufficient evidence. The NCP also noted that complaint under the Guidelines is not the proper forum for a personal injury claim. However, had there been sufficient supporting evidence to deem the allegations material and substantiated, the NCP would have tried to facilitate a mediated solution to the complaint. 

On 2 September 2012, the individual's lawyer made an application to the Review Committee regarding procedural errors in the NCP’s decision-making.

The issue raised is whether, in making the initial assessment, the NCP should have considered the opinions of certain additional expert bodies. These opinions however were not presented by the notifier at the time of the original request. The Review Committee does not consider the NCP bound to take account of information not submitted by a party and is furthermore of the opinion that the additional information not considered by the NCP would not have had any bearing on the decision made. Read the Review Committee's statement, issued 4 October 2012.