Environmental issues in Australia, Switzerland, and the UK
Lead NCPUnited States
Supporting NCP(s)Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom
DescriptionSpecific instance notified by the NGO Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group regarding the activities of Innospec, a multinational enterprise operating Australia, Switzerland, and the UK.
Date27 Aug 2011
Host country(ies)United States
Industry sectorManufacturing

Read the public statement issued by the US NCP concluding the specific instance - 1 February 2012

On 27 August 2011 four NCPs (Australian, Swiss, UK, and US) received a request for review from the NGO, Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group, alleging that Innospec, a US-multinational enterprise, had breached the environment provisions of the Guidelines by manufacturing and selling tetra ethyl lead, the additive for leaded gasoline in a number of emerging economy markets. 

After conducting an initial assessment, the US NCP determined that the issues raised merited further consideration. It offered its good offices to help mediate the dialogue. The LEAD Group was prepared to engage in a mediated dialogue but, in the end, Innospec declined to participate. The NCP observed the two parties had divergent views – not only with respect to the appropriate approach going forward, but also with respect to the underlying facts of the situation.

The U.S. NCP determined it would be unproductive to continue offering its good offices, because it would be unable to bring the parties together to address the issues raised. The NCP concluded the specific instance and, in February 2012, issued a public statement encouraging the parties to continue to consider how to achieve the conditions necessary for a good faith dialogue on this matter.