Responsible supply chains in Asia: Events


This page provides access to all the meetings relating to the Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme



 26 Apr Virtual Master Class on Responsible Business Conduct and Risk-based Due Diligence for SMEs in Viet Nam
View the presentation and see the agenda here 
 30 Mar

Invite only

Peer Learning on Responsible Business Conduct and Access to Remedy in Japan
 16 Mar Virtual

Adressing plastic waste through RBC: Shifting towards circularity in Southeast Asia

Watch an excerpt here 
Read the Key Messages Brief and Concept Note

28 Feb Virtual Participation at the Japan Engagement & Remedy Forum for Responsible Business conduct 2022
18 Feb Virtual Participation at the APEC Investment Experts Group (APEC Committee on  Trade and Investment)
17 Feb Invite only Deep dive on Responsible Disengagement in high-risk contexts: Thematic dialogues on Responsible Business Conduct in Myanmar
16 Feb

Invite only

Exploring Resources to Support Responsible Business Conduct and Supply Chain Resilience in the Philippines in collaboration with Business for Sustainable Development (BSD)


 4-5 Nov


The ASEAN Co-ordinating Committee on Investment (CCI), in collaboration with OECD, WEF, UNESCAP, AJC and AKC: Forum on sustainable investment in ASEAN

Agenda and concept note

20 Oct

Invite only

Boao Forum for Asia, Global Economic Development & Security Forum Conference: Responsible business conduct for a sustainable and resilient recovery 

Concept note | press release | Speech delivered by H.E. Nicolas Chapuis, Ambassador, European Union Delegation to China: ENG | CHN | Media coverage IFNES (in Chinese), (in Chinese)

14 Oct


The OECD in collaboration with business associations in Viet Nam AmCham, AusCham, BritCham and EuroCham: Integrating Responsible Business Conduct to Create a Resilient Garment Industry

Concept note

27 July


Joint OECD-ILO-EU -OXFAM webinar: Socially Responsible Practices for the Promotion of Sustainability in Seafood Supply Chains in Asia 

31 May



Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence in practice – Responsible Business Conduct and the Role of Lawyers


26 Mar


Invite only

Responsible Business Conduct and State-Owned Enterprises in Viet Nam

18 Mar Invite only

OECD instruments and Standards on Environmental Due Diligence and perspectives from Japan

26 Feb Virtual

Engagement and Remedy Forum for Responsible Business Conduct

4 Feb Virtual

Weathering uncertainty in global supply chains through responsible business conduct – perspectives from Asia

21 Jan



High-level event: The role of Responsible Business Conduct in building resilience

Agenda ENG & JPN


17 Dec



Agrobusiness Forum 2020, Taking stock of 2020 to unlock Myanmar's potential


16 Dec

Southeast Asia


OECD Multi-stakeholder Meeting: Closing event of the Southeast Asia Pilot on Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains


25 Nov

Asia Pacific


IOM-OECD Webinar: Supply chain due diligence to prevent and address impacts on migrant workers


24 Nov



Promoting responsible investment in Myanmar - Attracting investments that help to build resilience and contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth

Agenda | RBC in Myanmar: OECD Investment Policy Review of Myanmar 2020 | Watch virtual event

9 Nov


Invite only

Joint OECD – Department of Trade & Industry Workshop: Responsible Business Conduct and Promoting Trade and Export Development 

9 July


Invite only

Joint OECD-Securities and Exchange Commission Workshop: International Trends in Responsible Business Conduct and Non-financial Disclosure 
25 June Virtual

Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct, Side session on Environmental Supply Chain Due Diligence

Watch in ENG & JPN | Background note

17 June Virtual

Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct Part II: Access to Remedy

Watch sessions here | Summary note

19 May Virtual 

Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct Part I: COVID-19 and RBC

Watch sessions here | Summary note

22-23 April Thailand

OECD Master Class in Risk-Based Due Diligence (Agriculture & Seafood Sector) in partnership with the Royal Thai Government, Board of Trade of Thailand, UN Global Compact Network Thailand - postponed

Agenda | For future Master Classes in the region

16-17 April    Philippines

OECD Master Class in Risk-Based Due Diligence (Agriculture and Seafood Sector) in partnership with Asian Institute for Management - postponed

Agenda | For future Master Classes in the region

15 April   


Virtual | Invite only

Department of Agriculture Workshop: The Role of RBC Instruments in Agricultural Policy Design and Implementation

3 Feb Japan

Towards Promotion of Responsible Business Conduct and Responsible Supply Chains - Role of National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights and "Engagement" & "Remedy" Guidelines

Agenda: ENG | JPN | Guidelines for the Promotion of Responsible Business Conduct and Responsible Supply Chains 


12 Dec Myanmar

Agro Business Forum 2019


3 Dec Myanmar

Task Force Consultation and Dialogue on Responsible Business Conduct in Yangon 

Agenda | Summary 




Responsible Business Forum 'Harnessing Responsible Business for Decent Work and Sustainable Supply Chains, Ho Chi Minh City

Agenda Photos

19 Nov Japan

OECD-ILO Roundtable - Advancing international collaboration on responsible business conduct for sustainable supply chains in Asia, Tokyo

Agenda | Session note: ENG | JPN | Summary




 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Forum

The ILO, OECD, and the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) co-hosted a dedicated Technical Seminar on the Implementation of International Expectations and Standards on Corporate Social Responsibility/Responsible Business Conduct (CSR/RBC) in Agri-business as part of the 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Forum in Manila.

Press release | Presentation | Photos | Event brief

13 June Japan

Japan-EU-OECD Seminar on supporting international collaboration on Responsible Business Conduct

(Side Event at the Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum) AgendaSummary report 

12-13 June Thailand

Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum (2019 Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct), Bangkok

Find out more 

7 June Japan

Symposium on Business and Human Rights - Implementing Responsible Business and Human Rights expectations and standards in Japan

Agenda: ENG | JPN 

6 June Japan

Consultation on Japan's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

NAP working group JPN | Summary JPN

16 May Japan

Responsible Business Alliance (RBC) Outreach Meeting at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo


24 April Japan, Thailand

Promoting Responsible Vehicle Parts Supply Chains (Side Sessions)

3 April Vietnam Technical Sector Roundtable Meeting for businesses in the seafood sector Agenda | Presentation
5 Mar Philippines Responsible Business Conduct in the Travel and Tourism Industry Agenda 
4 Mar Philippines A CEO’s Integrity Agenda: Risk Management and Business Integrity Agenda
1 Mar Philippines High-level Meeting on Responsible Agriculture Supply Chains Agenda 
28 Feb Thailand Stakeholder Engagement event on Decent Work for Sustainable enterprises in global supply chains Agenda 
28 Feb Philippines Roundtable Discussion on Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains Flyer | Agenda | Summary report
25 Feb  Japan OECD - JEITA Seminar, Implementing Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct, Tokyo Agenda: ENG | JPN


13 Dec China

Technical Seminar to Raise Awareness on Key RBC Concepts, Guangzhou

Agenda: CH, ENG | Summary: ENG, CH | Media articles: CSR China l GoldenBee

23Nov  Japan

3rd Japan-Europe CSR Business Dialogue Meeting under the Framework of Japan-EU Industrial Policy Dialogue Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility, Brussels Agenda

18 Oct Philippines EU-Philippines Business Summit, Manila Agenda
15 Oct  Japan

Symposium co-hosted by Keidanren/ILO/OECD - Responsible Business of Japanese Companies and their Supply Chains in Asia, Tokyo 

Presentation | Press release | Summary and article in Japanese 

5 July Myanmar

Launch of a seminar series on Responsible Business Conduct, Yangon Agenda

20-21 June All countries 

2018 Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct - Session promoting responsible supply chains in Asia

7 June Thailand

Thai-OECD Conference on Strengthening Responsible Business Conduct through international standards 


4 - 6 June Thailand 

ASEAN Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights Inter-regional dialogue on business and human rights, Bangkok





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