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The OECD has worked with key Asian partners for a number of years to promote responsible investment and RBC. Under this programme, implemented together with the International Labour Organisation and the European Union, the OECD contributed its extensive expertise on trade and investment and on risk-based RBC due diligence to support in-country policy developments and action to create an enabling environment for Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), to boost industry capacity and to raise awareness of the importance of RBC.


The programme was undertaken over 4 years (2018-2022) in partnership with Japan and five other partner economies, namely China, Thailand, Viet Nam, the Philippines, and Myanmar.


Responsible supply chains in Thailand


The OECD and Thailand signed an enhanced co-operation programme in May 2018, drawing on Thailand’s 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021) and OECD member country priorities. These include four areas: on governance and transparency, business climate and competitiveness (including responsible business conduct), “Thailand 4.0” and inclusive growth. Co-operation on RBC will take place in the context of the development by Thailand of its National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. Activities will also include supporting RBC in the agriculture and vehicle parts sectors. 


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Awareness-raising and capacity building


The OECD e-learning Academy on Responsible Business Conduct provides learners with a unique opportunity to advance their knowledge of responsible business conduct and OECD risk-based due diligence.

Self-paced, free online courses (currently avilable in English) include:

  • The Essentials of OECD Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct
  • OECD Due Diligence for Agriculture and Seafood Supply Chains
  • OECD Due Diligence for Garment and Footwear Supply Chains
  • OECD Due Diligence for Electronics and Vehicle Parts Supply Chains


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Documents & Links 

  • OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct        Guidance ENG | THAI Flyer ENG | THAI
  • OECD-FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains    Guidance  ENG | THAI 
    Flyer  ENG | THAI
  • The Essentials: Characteristics of Due Diligence ENG | THAI
  • Glossary of Technical terms ENG | THAI


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Did you Know?

Among the six RSCA countries, Thailand has the highest share of final products in exports, with a share of final products in total gross exports of 54%  (2018, TiVA 2018).


  This project is implemented in partnership with the European Union and the ILO

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