Co-operation with partners all over the globe is an important aspect of OECD's work on enabling responsible business conduct (RBC) and promoting the implementation of RBC instruments. The OECD works with governments, businesses and stakeholders through dedicated programmes and tailored projects. Engagement, particularly with businesses to implement due diligence standards, and with governments to create an enabling framework for RBC, is a priority for this co-operation. 

Latin America and the Caribbean

The project promotes smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Latin America and the Caribbean by supporting responsible business conduct practices in line with the UN, ILO and OECD instruments

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The OECD engages with policy makers, business, labour and other stakeholders across the Asia-Pacific region.

Promoting Enabling Responsible Business Conduct in Southeast Asia (2022)

Promoting Responsible Supply Chains in Asia (2018-2022)

Responsible Business Conduct Due Diligence Practices in Ukraine’s Energy Sector

The energy sector is associated with important RBC-related challenges, including environmental, social and governance risks. This study provides a baseline understanding of RBC due diligence practices in Ukraine’s energy companies. Based on surveys conducted with some of the main energy practitioners in Ukraine and on supplementary research, it outlines key RBC risks that companies in Ukraine’s energy sector face and efforts through which these risks are identified, addressed and mitigated. The study also outlines practice gaps and provides considerations for companies to take into account when improving due diligence practices in aligning with OECD RBC instruments and standards. 

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Country Reviews

As part of its work to implement the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the OECD produces country reports that examine the role of responsible business conduct in building healthy business environments. These reports provide concise and basic information to investors on the existing responsible business conduct expectations in the featured countries. These reports are sometimes published as part of the OECD Investment Policy Review series.