What's the issue?

Enterprises operating in global supply chains have the potential to generate growth, employment and skills through their operations and sourcing. On the other hand, when enterprises fail to act responsibly, they risk contributing  to adverse human rights, labour and environmental impacts in their operations or through their supply chains. The OECD brings unique expertise in convening governments, business and civil society to develop practial approaches to promoting and implementing responsible business conduct globally.

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OECD Blockchain Policy Forum

4-5 September 2018

The OECD Blockchain Policy Forum is the first major international conference to take stock of blockchain’s impacts across the full range of government activities and public priorities.

The Forum will address the benefits and risks of blockchain for our economies and societies, begin to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigate uses in specific policy areas. The Forum will also host a specific session on 'Blockchain for Responsible Business Conduct'.

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Survey for SMEs

Take our survey on the sourcing practices of SMEs in the garment and footwear sector