Progress Report on National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct



The Progress Report on National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct released at the 2019 OECD’s Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) in Paris addresses the need for more government support and resources to ensure that National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct (NCPs) reach their full potential.


Responding to a commitment made by Ministers at the MCM in 2017 to have “fully functioning and adequately resourced National Contact Points, and to undertake a peer learning, capacity building exercise or a peer review by 2021, with the aim of having all countries peer reviewed by 2023” the report documents progress made and sets out recommendations that act as a useful roadmap for action:


      • Ensure that financial and human resources match the scope of the role of NCPs and the heightened complexity of their work.
      • Ensure that NCPs enjoy the necessary support and visibility within their government to carry out their functions effectively and promote policy coherence on RBC.
      • Ensure that the composition of NCPs is such that they can carry out their functions impartially and without risk of conflict of interest – or a perception thereof.


In addition, all governments are encouraged to volunteer for a peer review of their NCP and those governments whose NCPs have undergone a peer review are called on to implement to the extent possible the recommendations, and report on progress made.


NCPs are unique agencies for responsible business conduct based in 48 countries. They promote the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and related due diligence guidance. They also handle cases regarding alleged non-observance of the Guidelines.


For further information on the 2019 Progress Report on NCPs for RBC contact Kathryn Dovey.










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