Annual reports on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises


To many people, international investment by multinational enterprises is what globalisation is all about. Promoting appropriate business conduct by these companies is a real challenge however since their operations often straddle dozens of countries and hundreds of cultural, legal and regulatory environments. 


The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises aim to help businesses, labour unions and NGOs meet this challenge by providing a global framework for responsible business conduct covering all areas of business ethics, including tax, competition, disclosure, anti-corruption, labour and human rights, or environment. While observance of the Guidelines by enterprises is voluntary and not legally enforceable, adhering governments are committed to promoting them and to making them influential among companies operating in or from their territories.


Ever since the 2000 review of the Guidelines, the OECD has published annual reports which describe what adhering governments have done to live up to this commitment.  


These reports also include the results of work undertaken to address emerging issues and new developments.



2014 - Responsible business conduct by sector

2013 - Responsible business conduct in action

2012 - Mediation and consensus building 

2011 - A new agenda for the future

2010 - Corporate responsibility - Reinforcing a unique instrument

2009 - Consumer empowerment

2008 - Employment and industrial relations

2007 - Corporate responsibility in the financial sector

2006 - Conducting business in weak governance zones

2005 - Corporate responsibility in the developing world

2004 - Encouraging the contribution of business to the environment

2003 - Enhancing the role of business in the fight against corruption

2002 - Responsible supply chain management

2001 - Global instruments for corporate responsibility




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