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04/11/2019Diagnostic study on responsible business conduct in the garment and footwear sector in Brazil and Colombia

26/06/2019 - Regional diagnostic of the agriculture sector and existing due diligence initiatives in Latin America

13/06/2019 - OECD Feasibility study on measuring the uptake and impact of due diligence in garment footwear sectors supply chain

13/06/2019 - OECD Apparel supply chain assessment in India



  • Regional diagnostic of the extractives and agriculture sectors and existing due diligence initiatives in Latin America 

Question: In the section on phase 3 (page 5 of the ToRs) it says that “consultants can propose optional add-ons for travel to selected locations”. On page 9, however, the ToRs specify that “any travel required under these ToRs will be expensed separately by the OECD and so should not be included within this budget.” Could you please clarify whether travel costs of any kind (optional add-ons or those to the OECD HQ in Paris) shall be included in the budget?

Response: Consultants should not submit a separate budget for travel expenses: consultants should submit an optional addition to the work plan only if they want to do field trips / work that needs travel but those options should include only intellectual services (i.e. their time) and not the associated travel costs.        


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