National Contact Point peer reviews


‌During the 2011 update of the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises, National Contact Points agreed to reinforce their joint peer learning activities, and in particular, those involving voluntary peer reviews. A peer review can identify an NCP's strengths as well as areas for improvement. The peer review is conducted by representatives of 2 to 4 different NCPs who assess the NCP under review and provide recommendations. A peer review helps the NCP acquire more capacity to better meet the "core criteria for functional equivalence" which calls on NCPs to function in a visible, accessible, transparent and accountable manner. It gives the NCP under review a mapping of its strengths and accomplishments, while also identifying opportunities for improvement.

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Overview of cases handled by NCPs





  • Q4: United Kingdom



  • Q1: 
  • Q2: Spain
  • Q3: Argentina | Korea
  • Q4: Sweden 



  • Q1: Australia

Completed peer reviews

Germany  - 2018

Chile  - 2018

France (English)  - 2018

France (français)  - 2018

Switzerland - 2017

Italy  - 2017

Belgium - 2016

Denmark  - 2015

Norway  - 2014  

Japan  - 2012 

The Netherlands - 2009



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