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OECD Watch seminar on promoting responsible corporate conduct in the Greater Mekong region, 8 May 2015, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

9th ICGLR-OECD-UN Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, 4-6 May 2015, Paris

Survey on the contribution of SMEs to due diligence for responsible mineral supply chains, 9 February - 10 April 2015

Public consultation on the FAO-OECD guidance for responsible agricultural supply chains, Jan-Feb 2015

2ème Forum mondial des droits de l'homme, 27-30 November 2014, Marrakech

Consultation on the update of the PFI during the Asia-Pacific Business Forum, 27 November 2014, Colombo

OECD-Borsa Istanbul training workshop on using the OECD Guidance for reponsible gold supply chains, 26-27 November 2014, Istanbul

2014 UNCTAD-ILO-OECD Roundtable on corporate social responsibility, 19 November 2014, Geneva

8th meeting of the ICGLR-OECD-UN forum on responsible mineral supply chains, 3-5 November 2014, Kinshasa

8th ICGLR-OECD-UN Forum on responsible mineral supply chains, 3-5 November 2014, Kinshasa

ILO-OECD roundtable on responsible sourcing in the textile and garment sector,  29-30 September 2014, Paris

Informal ministerial meeting on responsible business conduct, 26 June 2014, Paris

BSR Spring Forum on climate action: the urgency of business leadership, 11-12 June 2014, Paris

7th ICGLR-OECD-UN Forum on responsible mineral supply chains, 26-28 May 2014, Paris

Artisanal and small-scale miner hub webinar on sourcing gold responsibly, 15 April 2014

Workshop on responsible and conflict-free sourcing in the Turkish gold supply chain, 3 April 2014

Conference on promoting responsible investment in Myanmar, 4 March 2014, Yangon

Webinar on the role of large scale miners; collaboration with artisanal and small-scale miners, 11 February 2014, 3-5pm CET

Conference on advancing responsible business practices in the Asia-Pacific region, 18 November 2013, Bangkok

6th ICGLR-OECD-UN forum on implementing due diligence for responsible mineral supply chains, 13-15 November 2013, Kigali

Conference on sustainable development in Myanmar, 23 October 2013, Rome

Summer training webinars on the responsible sourcing of gold, 29 July-12 August 2013

Inaugural Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct‌, 26-27 June 2013, Paris

Meeting of the National Contact Points for the Guidelines,
24-25 June 2013, Paris

Forum on implementing due diligence in the 3Ts and Gold supply chains, 2-3 May 2103, Paris

Third Annual High-Level Anti-corruption Conference for G20 Governments and Business, 25-26 April 2013, Paris

Panel on the Guidelines at the 2013 World Bank/IMF Civil Society Policy Forum, 19 April 2013, Washington D.C.


15 April 2015 - Legislation on responsible business conduct must reinforce the wheel, not reinvent it, OECD Insights blog

24 March 2015 - Responsible gold also means supporting livelihoods of artisanal miners, OECD Insight blog

11 March 2015 - Promoting decent work worldwide through sustainable supply chains, remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General at the G7 Stakeholder Conference

24 Feb 2015 - From land grabs to anti union behaviour, businesses are increasingly being held accountable | The Guardian Link to an external site icon

24 Feb 2015 - Launch of UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework - a guide for companies to report on how they respect human rights

Survey on the contribution of SMEs to due diligence for responsible mineral supply chains, 9 February - 10 April 2015

18 Dec 2014 - Annual Report on the Guidelines

24 Oct 2014 - China and OECD to co-operate on promoting the responsible sourcing of minerals

24 Oct 2014 - Chinese Mining Group Sets Guidelines for Overseas Interaction | New York Times Link to an external site icon

20 Oct 2014 - EU & Singapore promote responsible business conduct and the OECD Guidelines in Free Trade Agreement Link to an external site icon

6 Oct 2014 - Responsible Business Conduct in Georgia

24 Sep 2014 - White House fact sheet on the U.S. Global Anticorruption Agenda

1 Sep 2014 - Summary report of the 2014 Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct

9 June 2014 - Brazilian SOEs sign term of commitment concerning responsible business conduct Link to an external site icon

30 June 2014 - OECD statement on specific instance of UK National Contact Point regarding G4S

27 June 2014 - Ministerial Communiqué on Responsible Business Conduct | version française

26 June 2014 - Statement by the NCPs for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises - One Year After Rana Plaza

25 Apr 2014 - First conflict minerals report filed with US SEC Link to an external site icon

15 Apr 2014 - Responsible Business Conduct: From good intentions to sustainable development

10 Apr 2014 - Responsible business conduct in Kazakhstan 

21 Mar 2014 - Proposed EU responsible trading strategy for minerals from conflict zones

4 Dec 2013 - Annual Report on the Guidelines

2 déc 2013 - Rapport du du Point de Contact national français sur la filière textile-habillement et les Principes directeurs de l'OCDE

28 Nov 2013 - Jordan adheres to the Guidelines

18 Nov 2013 - OECD-ESCAP announce partnership to promote responsible business conduct in Asia-Pacific region

30 Sep 2013 - Costa Rica adheres to the Guidelines

23 Sep 2013 - Summary record of the inaugural Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct (pdf)

26 June 2013 - OECD publishes brochure on the Guidelines and responsible business conduct

25 June 2013 - Joint OECD-ILO initiative for worker safety in Bangladesh endorsed by alliance of North American brands and retailers

25 June 2013 - NCPs issue statement on the Rana Plaza tragedy

17 June 2013 - OECD Watch publishes "Calling for Corporate Accountability"

4 June 2013 - OECD Secretary-General statement on events in Bangladesh

29 May 2013 - Bangladesh to send high-level delegation led by Foreign Affairs Minister, Dipu Moni, to Global Forum

15 May 2013 - Statement by French NCP: Effondrement de l’usine textile Rana Plaza au Bangladesh Link to an external site icon

28 Feb 2013 - United States issues statement concerning continued implementation of conflict minerals due diligence Link to an external site icon

31 Jan 2013 - OECD publishes pilot implementation reports on due diligence guidance in Africa's Great Lakes Region

31 Jan 2013 - Rio Tinto updates its human rights policy to reflect a commitment to the OECD GuidelinesLink to an external site icon

18 Jan 2013 - International Trade Centre and OECD collaborate to reference the OECD Guidelines on Standards MapLink to an external site icon

13-14 Nov 2012 - Oslo Conference declaration lists the Guidelines as one of the most important CSR frameworksLink to an external site icon